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A. Instructions for the patients undergoing Surgery :

Before The Surgery :

1. Inform the doctor about any known allergy to medicines or drugs.
2. Cough or Constipation should be taken care of well in advance.
3. Diabetic Patients are advices to check their blood sugar levels at least 10 days prior to the surgery and maintain it at proper level by medicines or insulin Injections(as per Physician’s advice)
4. If your haircut is due, have it 1 or 2 days prior to the surgery.

On The Day Of Surgery :

1. Wash your hairs properly & Shave on the day of Surgery.
2. Clean the face especially part around the eye 2 or 3 times with soap and water.
3. Put on a thoroughly washed and ironed outfit, preferably a loose one.
4. You can have your normal breakfast on the day of Surgery, early in the morning, unless instructed not to have it (especially in childrens and patients in whom General Anaesthesia is planned)
5. Put the eye drops as instructed and carry them along with you.
6. Blood Pressure & Asthma Patients are advised to take their medicines even on the day of surgery & also to get the same along with them.

On Arriving At Surgical Home :

1. Inform at the reception desk about your arrival
2. You will be escorted to the relaxing room, till you are taken to the operation theatre.
3. The Clinical Assistant will do the relevant paper work, will put the eye drops, and do the necessary preparation of the eye to be operated.
4. Pass urine before you enter the operation theatre.
5. Please remove the dentures ( if any) before entering the operation theatre.

Do’s After The Surgery :

1. Before the application of any eye drops/ointments, hands must be thoroughly washed.
2. Use Eye Drops & Other Medications as per instruction.
3. While putting the Drops of Ointment, PULL THE LOWER LID only.
4. After putting the drops or ointment, keep the eyes closed gently for about a minute.
5. Dark glasses are to be worn throughout the day for about a week, even during sleeping hour to protect the eye mechanically against accidental rubbing, and then when you go out in daylight or in dusty environment.
6. Every movement of the body should be slow and gentle without sudden jerks for about 4 to 5 days.
7. Clean any Discharge or Watering from the eye Gently with a sterile gauze piece.
8. Sleep straight or on the opposite side of the operated eye for about One week.
9. You can have bath below head from the next day. The face can be cleaned using a damp cloth. Head bath can be taken after 2 weeks.
10. Shaving can be resumed from next day.
11. Eat soft diet for 2-3 days following surgery.
12. In case you have cough, cold or constipation, get treatment immediately.

Donts :

1. Do not rub the operated eye for about 2 months.
2. Do not exercise or lift heavy weights for about 3 weeks.
3. Do not exert pressure over the eyeball while cleaning.
4. Avoid pulling the upper eyelid while putting drops or ointment.
5. Do not sleep on the Operated side for about 1 week.
6. Avoid playing with small children for 15 days to prevent injury to the eye.
7. Protect activities which may cause sudden jerky based movements like head massage, exercise, travelling etc. for 2 to 3 weeks.

Please Note :

  • Slight bluish or yellowish tint in the vision is common after the surgery.
  • In case of any undue problem or pain, contact doctor immediately. DO NOT wait till next appointment.
  • Presciption of glasses will be given 6 week after surgery. This is likely to change again after about 2 months.