Important Events

We at Divyadrashti doing lot of efforts to increase the knowledge and skill of the our team members to update themselves. To support this we are continually organizing some seminars and camps. Also to help lower class people, we are organizing free Eye-Camp. Some of our important events are

1. Paediatric Ophthalmology Meet
Sunday 14th October, 2001

2. School Children Screening Programme
done with Rotary Club of Borivali
From 26th September to 17th December, 2001

3. Public Awareness Lecture

4. Vision 2002

5. LandMark Forum- Curriculum for Living
16th June, 2002

6. ISO 9001 : 2000 Awareness Training Programme
16th August, 2002

7. Eye Bank Inspection
12th October, 2002

8. Free Eye Camp

  1. Rotary Club Eye-Camp, Jan,2001.
  2. Asthika Samaj Eye Camp, 27/05/2001.
    Kapadwanj Dasha Porwad Samaj Camp, 10/02/2002.
  3. Smt. Saraswatiben Harde’s Free Eye Camp, 13th October, 2002.
  4. BJP Free eye check-up Camp, 8th September 2002.
  5. Shivsena Free eye check-up Camp, 15th December 2002.
  6. Rokadia Lane welfare Association Eye camp on 22/02/2004 & on 13/03/2005 & 12/03/2006.
  7. Shree Sorath Visa Shrimali free eye camp on 18/12/2005.
  8. Shreeji Medical Relief Society free eye camp on 12/02/2006.
  9. Shiv Sena free eye camp on 23/04/2006.
    Swa. Savarkar Nagar Welfare Association free eye camp on 25/02/2007.
  10. Rashtravadi Yuvak Congress free eye camp on 12/12/2007.
  11. Shree Sambhavnath Swami Jain Foundation free eye camp on 6/01/2008.
  12. Shivsena free eye camp on 02/03/2008.
  13. “Look & Learn” Jain Gyan Dham free eye camp for school children on 10/04/2010.
  14. S. E. International School free eye camp for children on 24/09/2010.
  15. Shivsena free eye camp on 23/01/2011.

9. Lectures

  1. Lecture on “Tips on eye care” on 13/08/04 at Rotary Club of Borivali.
  2. “Eye examination by G.P.” on 06/01/2007 for Borivali Medical Brotherhood Doctors.
  3. Lecture on Anatomy of Eye Physiology on 05/03/2008 at Rustomjee Cambridge
    International School.
  4. Lecture on “Tips on Advances in Phaco Surgery” on 30/03/2008 at K.T. Hill Resorts,
    W.E. Highway.
  5. Paramedic Training programme on 28/10/2010 in association with Cipla Ltd.